Saturday, 16 January 2010

Basqet version 0.1.3 released

After finding some issues while I have used Basqet my self I have fixed them and released a new version.

Most issues was harmless but for Kubuntu users (and possibly some other Linux distros) there was a critical issue making content in notes disappear when exporting a note page. This issues is fixed (well worked around, the problem lies deep in Qt in combination with KDE).

Other news is upgrading to Qt 4.6. There is still a binary Linux version for Qt 4.5.2 available. Refer to your Linux distro for what to chose. Hints: Kubuntu 9.10 and shall use the Qt 4.5.2 version. Gentoo users have individual settings in this case. Other I don't know but please post working hints on this blog.

Complete release notes can be found on the project page.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Basqet 0.1.2 for OS/2

I just got a mail from a fellow telling me he had ported Basqet 0.1.2 to OS/2. This is so cool. I remember OS/2 as my first stumbling attempts to move from Windows, there where just not the applications I needed. And now I can have Basqet on OS/2 and possibly other nice Qt applications as well. 

Here is a screen-shot:

Monday, 9 November 2009

Basqet version 0.1.2 is released

From a users perspective there are mainly two changes: the Basqet version is now shown in the about-box, and for Linux users the files needed to have Basqet in the program menu is added with instructions.

In the source code, the build system is updated so that the target is all in lower case and the make install is now working properly.

The reason for making a new release so fast is to support Linux package managers building binary packages with Basqet. Hopefully Basqet will be part of Qt Desktop, a set of cross platform applications entirely build on Qt.

Basqet is now in Gentoo Portage

This is a great moment of payback to the open source comunity and a warm feeling inside of doing something meaningsfull. This weekend I wrote a trouble ticket to Gentoo asking to add Basqet to portage. The answer was that it is already there since a few days. This is greate. Beeing a Gentoo user I have just emerge it (installed it) to my computer. It is not yet updated to versin 0.1.1 but still it is there.

For me, this is really big.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Basqet v 0.1.1 is now released!

The first update in the Basqet 0.1-release chain is here; Basqet version 0.1.1.

Mainly new tags and tag-icons and the main windows can now be iconified into the system tray. 

The release-notes can be found here
This release can be installed on top of older releases.



Monday, 2 November 2009

Basqet v 0.1.0 is now released!

I am proud to announce that Basqet version 0.1.0 is now available for download on the project page. This is the first non-alpha or beta release. Last weeks have been focused on testing and verifying a stable product. I have no known issues in the current version.

So, please download the new version, it can be installed over the old one (I learned that one have to shut down Basqet first though ;) ).

The release-notes can be found here


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Release 0.0.3 is out now!

As I found and solved a critical bug in the backup-handling (issue 8) that caused a crash when removing old backups, I have made a new release 0.0.3.

It can be installed over the old release.

Please download and update, and report any problems found, especially crashes!

// Erik